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One of the most important characteristics of the company – is its financial stability. This option not only shows the level of rational organization of production, but also the degree of dependence on the firm’s creditors and investors. Therefore today there is hardly an enterprise in Ukraine which does not seek to achieve financial stability for as much as possible longer term. Under current conditions budgeting begins to play a key role in the enterprise. The main reason is that the time of super-profits has gone and management must, figuratively speaking, "count every penny."

In practice questions often raise: it is unclear how much the company earns? If the accounting shows a profit, then why there is no money? Why is the company constantly affected by the need for crediting? This and other similar questions force to pay much attention to the setting of detailed financial planning in the company.

For some companies wish to set the budgeting is determined by a strong belief in the need to improve the fiscal discipline. There are also companies whose management sees budgeting as "the hit of the season," but the understanding of its usefulness comes only after that.

Audit Consulting Company "International Standard" provides services in implementing the system of budgeting and management accounting:

  • Financial diagnostics of companies and a full analysis of financial activities;
  • Identify in-house reserves of the enterprise through the implementation of the optimal accounting policies and form of accounting;
  • Identification of imbalance of existing structure (areas which no one is responsible for, the difference and incompatibility of the administrative and functional subordination, etc.);
  • Optimization of the document circulation system;
  • Development of effective in-house management under the Regulations, job descriptions, guidelines, etc.;
  • The implementation of management reporting system.

So where do you start to ensure the further effective development of the company? Consultants of the Audit Consulting Company "International Standard" will offer you their practical achievements for the effective financial management of your business.

The company is ready to offer services in corporate finance, namely:

  • Integrated support for mergers and acquisitions;
  • Assistance in negotiations for agreements M&A;
  • After sales reorganization and restructuring of the company;
  • Advices on improving corporate reporting of the company;
  • Business valuation and financial modeling;
  • Advisory services for restructuring hopeless debt of the company.

Besides financial consulting our Company also provides advisory services for business – planning.

The offers to establish business contacts with Ukrainian enterprises often come from a lot of foreign companies and firms. But such meetings do not give practical results very often in the appearance of some problems at the stage of preliminary negotiations. The main sources of these problems are the low quality of preparation investment projects and proposals, the inability of the project initiators to formulate the purpose and strategy of the project.

Therefore, it’s necessary to allocate time to plan your future activities at any stage of the existence of your company.

The business plan for your company:

  • It is a long-term planning for 3-5 years in advance;
  • It is needed to justify the investment and attract investors, the use of different types of funding, recruitment of qualified managerial and technical staff, setting priorities for the expansion of production;
  • Is used to justify actions to improve and develop the organizational and production structure of the firm, particularly, to justify the level of centralization and responsibility;
  • Is used when searching for investors, lenders, sponsorship investments.

Among the many businessmen there is a perception that the business plan should always be on the "pattern", according to some procedure. In principle, there isn’t any difference in the choice of methodology for business plans. The main thing is to develop the document that has the required paragraphs (executive summary, marketing, production, investment, financial) that addresses specific aspects; initial information and the declared results are valid, reasonable and based on documentary sources and thorough calculations.

Proper and qualified drawing up a business plan in accordance with the international standards requires the involvement of skilled professionals into the process.

You can order the following consulting services provided by the Audit Consulting Company “International Standard”:

  • Development and implementation of plans and projects related to enterprise development;
  • Independent analysis of the customer performance, with the subsequent development and implementation a complex of actions that contribute to increase the efficiency of economic activity;
  • Services for business planning, investment projects development.

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